Our Mission

The mission of Hollywood Wish is to help create and fulfill unforgettable Hollywood experiences for deserving individuals who benefit from a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Additionally, we create more awareness with unique fundraising campaigns where fans of TV, films and celebrities can attend or win an incredible Hollywood experience.

What is a Hollywood Wish?

It’s about acknowledgement through an amazing experience. A wish could include:

  • Behind-the-scenes visit.

  • Hollywood VIP experience.

  • Meeting a favorite celebrity.

  • Celebrity video greeting.

  • Talk show appearance.

  • Social media shoutout.

  • Attending a special event.

  • Any combination of these and more!

We strive to provide travel and accommodations depending on the experience.

Who qualifies for a Hollywood Wish?

A person who is benefiting from a nonprofit organization, passionate about a show or celebrity, and is dealing with a life threatening condition, has sacrificed in a remarkable way, or deserves an incredible experience based on their circumstances.

If you know someone who deserves a Hollywood Wish, please fill out the information here.

VIP visit to Warner Brothers Studio to see MOM.

VIP visit to Warner Brothers Studio to see MOM.

“Hollywood Wish changed many lives—beginning with mine. Their generous spirit, great sense of humor and tireless efforts made our Hollywood Wish campaign pure joy. Not only was everything easy for us, the youth we serve were inspired, and all our stakeholders drawn to the simplicity, beauty and power of our Hollywood Wish Campaign.”

Amy Friedman, Executive Director, POPS the Club

*No Purchase Necessary To Enter